Question: about iron using and notes
1.Take out the iron, open the water filling inlet cover, We recommend the use of distilled water,fill with water through Water Filling Inlet until the water reach the “MAX” mark indicated on the side of the iron, and never fill above this mark. Don’t spray the water on the other parts of iron, to avoid getting an electric shock.
2.To wipe up the water drops on the iron; Make sure the power used corresponds with the one indicated on the rating label, then connect the power.
3.Choose the temperature level according to your clothes materials, then adjust the temperature knob to heating; such as silk, wool, these fabric with low temperature, on the other hand, the cotton with high temperature. So do not to ignore this step, or the clothes will be broken. Place the iron in a vertical position when ironing, do not put the iron lay aside, as that the goods will be burning easily.
4.After using, lift the iron with the filling hole downwards to empty the remaining water from the Water tank. Or insert the plug into the socket, and set the Temperature Control Dial to “MAX” for 1-2 minutes to evaporate the remaining water, and then unplug the iron and let it cool down before storing it. If you didn’t clean up the water, it will leak out, attached on the soleplate, it is not good for the product.
Question: function introduce
1.Spraying—Press the spray button to spray water on clothes when the clothes is dry, the spray nozzle will spray out the water and wet the cloth.
2.Vertical burst steam—By pressing the Burst of Steam Button at intervals you can also iron vertically (curtain, hung garments, etc.)
3.Continuous steam—After soleplate heating, open the steam knob, adjust 0 to MAX, there is steam from soleplate holes.
4.Anti-drip function—This iron is equipped with drip stop function: the iron automatically stops steaming when the temperature is too low to prevent water from dripping out of the soleplate.
5.Self-clean function—Fill the water tank to the max level and heating the iron, the iron slope down with 45 degree, then press the self-clean button. Keep on 30 seconds, then slope down the iron with 45 degree again, at this time, water and steam will rush out from the soleplate.
Question: About steam station
The steam station means the iron with boiler and pressure, it’s English name is steam station, the feature is this iron with big steam shot. It is appropriate for normal ironing , hang ironing and clean the carpet and kitchen, due to with strong spray.
Question: Check the matching of voltage
Answer: It’s 220V in China, use iron firstly,pls check if the voltage of iron matches, especially imported goods, the voltage maybe 220V or 110V, if buy 240V iron accidently, the power can’t be play a role absolutely and will affect the ironing, if 110V, the circuit will be damaged, even occur danger or personal safety crisis.
Question: Pay attention to the choice of iron temperature and fabric
Answer: Choose corresponding temperature setting according to fabric, then adjust the temperature knob and heat, as temperature of silk and wool is low, cotton is higher. Don’t lose the step, or the cloth will be ironed to plicate or damaged .During heating and ironing, iron should be placed vertically, careless placement aside is forbidden, or the articles touches the iron will be damaged.
Question: Maintenance of iron
Answer: After each use, must pour out the residual water in tank, then evaporate the residual water by power on, keep the soleplate dry. Use the “self-clean” function every month at least, remove the congregate scale in iron, store it after drying absolutely, vertical storage is better to last its life.